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Landfill & Cell Construction

Over the last 6 to 7 years a large part of our work has been working on WRG (Waste Recycling Group) Sites across the East Midlands area. Projects undertaken range from capping work, clay side wall lining to cell construction.

We have worked with supplying plant for companies such as:

  • Bam Nuttall Ltd
  • JN Bentley Ltd
  • Moulding Contracts
  • WRG - Waste Recycling Group Ltd
  • Collins Earthworks Ltd
  • NT Killingly Ltd
  • Walker Plant Ltd
  • Cheetham Hill Construction
  • Squires Plant Company Ltd

We have been involved with cell construction from excavation to trim, reworking of materials then re-layed and compacted in 300mm layers to a 600mm layer leaving 100mm over fill which can be trimmed off to the level which is required after rolling.

A tolerance of 10-15mm was CQA requirements. 6 meter rolls of plastic liner were welded together to form a seal and then a layer of “Geo Textile” is added for protection. Finally a herring bone system is added with manholes for leachate extraction. Leaving a 300mm layer on 20mm gravel to cover base and 2m up batters and complete cell.

All of our cell construction work has been done under CQA supervision and standards.

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