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Bulldozer Hire

Our fleet comprises of two Caterpillar D6N [LGP] dozers which is fitted with a 6 way blade. A trimble GCS 400 machine control system is available on request for accurate and efficient grading operations. This very versatile machine weighing in at just under 18000kgs, achieving a ground pressure of just 4.79psi. With these figures it makes the D6N an ideal machine for formation trimming and batter construction. When ground conditions are very soft the diff steer design of the machine enable it to manoeuvre without damaging the formation. This machine comes with white noise reverse alarm, seat belt on beacon, amber beacon, vandal guards, service records and documents - finally most importantly, an experienced operator.

3D GPS Levelling

We have recently updated out bulldozers, one in 2012 and the latest in March 2013. We are able to offer both machines with Laser equipment and also 3D GPS. Both of these machines use Trimble equipment.

Technical Info

Caterpillar D6N LGP Dozer

Net Horsepower 108kw / 145hp
Operating Weight 17,722 KG
Ground Pressure 4.79 PSI
Machine Height (Trans Pos) 3.197m
Track Width 3.700m
Width of Shoe LGP 34"
Blade Width 4.080m
Blade Capacity 3.16m3
Engine Type CAT3126B DITAAC
Transmission Diff Steer

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